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Farmer's Market, May 2021 Ralph McClurg at Flag Line June 2021 Toby Lackey with Flag at Korean MIA Flag Line The remains of SGt Lloyd Alumbaugh were brought home among the 55 boxes of remains provided to President Trump in 2018, subsequently identified, and laid to rest between his parents in Reeds, MO cemetery in late June of 2021. Our Team in Action Our Morning Crew for Farmer's Market on August 14th, 2021. Glen at Farmers Market Toby Lackey at Sarcoxie Schools Toby with Students at Sarcoxie Schools Drawing of our Namesake POW/MIA Day observance, and Veteran Recognition Display of POW/MIA Flag A moving tableau of unity by the players Looking Sharp, and Well Done! The setup on the South Side of the Mt. Vernon Square Let's Be There! Alyssa Hill- 2021 VOD Winner Charles Barger News Article from Lawrence County Courthouse Landscape setting of Charles Barger from Lawrence County Courthouse Portrait view of Charles Barger from Lawrence County Courthouse Floor Plan For Slider Claudia Hadlock, Valedictorian of MHS Class of 2022, accompanied Mrs. Lanette Kleeman to our May, 2022, meeting to serve refreshments and learn about Charles Barger.