Reaching out into our communities is vital to our organization, developing relationships with community leaders, media, school faculty and local civic groups can greatly assist each post in achieving the VFW mission.
 Here are some ways our VFW Community assists Veterans and Military Families:
 Program      Description  Information 
Unmet Needs Program
 Grants to Veterans in Financial Hardship  /uploads/Documents/2021 Programs/VFW-Unmet_Needs_2021.PDF
 Adopt a Unit
 VFW Posts adopt and support a local military unit  /uploads/Documents/2021 Programs/VFW-Adopt_A__Unit_2021.PDF
 Military Assistance Program (MAP) Grants
 Grants to VFW Posts to support community events  /uploads/Documents/2021 Programs/VFW-Military_Assistance_Grant_Program_2021.PDF